Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going Bananas

I can't put off trialing more foods for Punky.  She's eight months old, large for her age, and needs to eat something.

She can't make it through the night without me nursing her a couple times, and as you can imagine, this puts a big hurdle between me and my beauty sleep. We had attempted bananas earlier this month and ended up not quite sure.  She didn't have a reaction, but she also didn't like them very much and managed to spit all or most of them out.  I didn't feel comfortable saying for sure that bananas was one of Punky's "safe" foods, so I decided yesterday to have one more go at it.

She was thrilled to sit in the high chair with a bib and a spoon.  She watched me bring over the bowl of mashed banana with a smile on her face.  And then, as I lifted the spoon toward her, she started to look worried.  She let me stick it in her mouth and for a second, I really thought she was going to get that bite.  Then she made the most horrible grimace, as if in pain.  She squished up her eyes and worked her mouth around.  She gagged hard and SPLAT!  She actually threw up a little.

This was not an FPIES reaction, because typically she would have vomited around two hours after ingesting the banana.  No, she threw up because she was so disgusted by what I was shoving in her mouth.

Whether banana is an FPIES trigger or not, we may not know for some time, because we are officially done.

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