Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Cheese-less Soup

It's become apparent that Punky's FPIES is somewhat affected by what I eat.  Small amounts of dairy and soy don't seem to bother her, but she's thrown up twice in the evening after a day of me eating large amounts of either one.  And I mean LARGE amounts.  Having fried Brie appetizers before the bowl of beer cheese soup- smooth move, Mom!

I've done the no-dairy, no-soy thing before while nursing Boo.  It's not fun, but if it makes for a healthy, happy baby, I'll do what it takes.  But for this round, I'm also off rice, which poses a new problem.  Rice milk was my go-to dairy/soymilk replacement.  I cooked with it, poured it over cereal, used it in my coffee, dunked cookies into it.  I'm going to trial almond and hemp milks for myself on a week we're not trialing anything new for Punky, just to see if they affect her in any way.  Until then, I'm working on a few substitutes of my own.  Surprisingly, cauliflower, when cooked and pureed, takes on a very creamy consistency with a nice, mild flavor.  I remember this trick from my attempt at the South Beach Diet years ago.  Cauliflower was the low-carb replacement for mashed potatoes, and frankly, I didn't mind it.

This recipe for Creamy Cauliflower Soup was modified (and doubled) from Vegan Lunchbox.  By "modified" I mean that I photocopied it out of the book and somehow managed to cut off most of the second page so while the ingredient list was intact, the process was completely improvised.  This was before I realized it was online, of course. I love to double recipes for soups and casseroles because I can separate the leftovers into smaller containers and freeze them.  Let me tell you, after a hard day with the kids, there's nothing better than throwing an already-made dinner in the microwave.

Steamed cauliflower.  Surprisingly mellow-tasting and creamy.
Blending the soup in small batches.  Maybe I'll get an immersion blender for my birthday.
I'll admit, it looks more like baby food than like melted cheese.  You have to use your imagination.

Lastly, the original recipe calls for white pepper, but I have limited space for ingredients in my cupboards.  I side with Snoop Dogg on White Pepper v. Black Pepper.

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