Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Do You Like Them Apples?

Applesauce, Day 4.  Maybe it's too soon to call this a "pass" but we're feeling very, very good about it.  When I first fed Punky a spoonful, she winced a little, but didn't gag or spit it out.  She closed her mouth and worked her tongue around, smacked her lips, and when she opened her mouth again the applesauce had disappeared!

I'm letting her have fun with her food.  She gets to hold an extra spoon, and gets a new one every time she throws one to the floor.  I dribble some applesauce on the tray for her to "paint" with.  She'll stick her fingers in her mouth and taste them.

I can't say she loves the flavor, or has gotten used to being fed in the highchair, but she's willing to go along with this experiment.

No sleep problems (other than a little teething pain), no vomiting, no abnormal diapers.  Just a normal baby trying a new food.

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