Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Verdict on Wheat

Was wheat a pass or fail for Punky?

I hate to say we don't have a definite answer for it yet, but I'm afraid she just didn't eat enough of it to have an FPIES reaction.  We tried feeding it to her every day for a week and she barely got any of it down.  It concerned me quite a bit that she just let her mouth hang open after I spooned in the cereal.  She didn't even make an attempt to work it around or swallow it.  I'm wondering if she's developed a food aversion now.  But I'm positive that she was able to get at least a tiny bit into her system and she since she didn't vomit or go into shock from it I wouldn't say it's a definite fail.  I know that kids with FPIES can have a reaction from just a trace of a trigger food, so I'm taking this as a good start.

Anyway, we're done with the wheat trial for now.  Whether it's the taste or the texture of the cereal, Punky wants nothing to do with it.  I'd like to get some fruits and vegetables passed first, and then we can go for wheat again by adding it into something she'll actually eat. It's not so important that she eat wheat.  We're trying to build a diet for her that involves a couple carbs, like cereals and potatoes, lots of fruits and vegetables, and eventually a little protein.

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