Friday, January 7, 2011

Wheat Week

On Sunday, I gave Punky her first bite of cooked wheat cereal (Bob's Red Mill).

She didn't gag or anything, but she didn't really swallow it either.  She kind of held her mouth open and let it dribble out while she played with one of the spare spoons I had given her as a distraction.  And she didn't have a reaction, which was good.  Except I wasn't sure any wheat had really been ingested.  And sometimes it takes a second or third try to get an FPIES reaction.

So I tried again Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and today.  Still no reactions, but I'm holding my breath.  I keep wondering if any is really getting into her system.  She seems completely clueless about the feeding process and doesn't move her tongue up to the roof of her mouth and swallow.  When we originally gave her rice cereal, she did manage to eat it quite well from a spoon.  So she's gone from being able to eat solids at six months to not doing it all at eight months.  Could she have made some kind of connection between eating solids and having a vomiting reaction?  Or is it just the texture that bugs her?

Today was also a day of many diaper changes, and that got me worried.  Believe me, I inspected the contents of every diaper for signs of something being "off" but it was the same old poo every time.  But why so much?    And after her late afternoon feeding of wheat cereal, she had the hiccups, which had me convinced that throwing up was just a few minutes away.

We made it through the evening, after a scene in which I curled up on the living room floor and cried about wishing I had "normal" children.  And my babies were sitting next to me, smiling, playing with their toys.  My husband was patting me on the back.  Even my Siamese cat was trying to console me by pressing his nose against my face.

I went to the gym after Boo and Punky fell asleep and I worked up a sweat on the treadmill while watching "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."  I wondered what any of these rich, plastic-y women would do if they had a kid with allergies or intolerances.  Could they buy their way out of it somehow?  Hire someone else to deal with it?  Maybe set up a foundation as their celebrity cause de jour and get all their rich friends to donate?  Or does stuff like this just not happen in Hollywood?

I mean, why MY kids?

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