Friday, February 18, 2011


I was having a great day yesterday.  It was warm and sunny.  The kids were being unusually pleasant.  And as Boo sat and munched on his lunch of homemade zucchini muffins, I suddenly made the decision to feed Punky some prunes.

I had planned on trialing prunes next, but really had no idea when I was going to do it.  When I got enough courage, I guess.  So I went for it and mixed some prune baby food into her usual applesauce.  She didn't seem to notice anything was different, which is what I hoped for.  Except, blechhh!  It was messy. Purple-y brown EVERYWHERE.  And no reaction noted.  Although...

She was up almost every hour during the night.

OK.  Not panicking yet.  She is cutting her fifth tooth since Christmas, her third one in the last three weeks.  And we forgot to give her any Tylenol or Motrin before bed.  And it was a full moon.

So we'll keep going...

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