Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bowling Party

On Saturday we went to a bowling party at Pinstripes, Edina's upscale "bowling, bocce, and bistro" venue.  I have to admit, I had driven past the place before, and snickered, as I do whenever I see some sort of giant suburban entertainment mecca.  It's next to The Container Store and West Elm, hardly the nightlife center of the Twin Cities.

But when we got the invite, I was excited to go.  Boo had never bowled before, but I knew, just knew, that he would love it.

 The whole place was unbelievably shiny and new.  The shoes were squeaky clean and neatly displayed on a table for our group.

The candy-colored balls just begged for little hands to touch them.
Boo, who is usually hesitant in new situations, jumped right in and gave it a try.  He was so proud to carry his 6 lb ball over to the ramp.

There was plenty for Punky to keep busy with, as well.

We had a continental breakfast buffet, and extremely helpful waitstaff taking care of us.  I stopped making fun of the Edina bowling experience as I ate a strawberry cream cheese-covered bagel while relaxing in a big club chair.  That's right.  I sold my snark for a bagel.  

The fun was overshadowed by the fact that this was a going away party for a family we have become close to in the last few years.  In one week, I will be without a core member of my mama support group and Boo will be minus one playmate he has known all his life.  It's hard to say if the kids will remember each other, and that's what makes me the saddest, because our playgroup has been the single most important part of my weekdays at home.  But we live in an age where we can text, Skype, call, or hop on a quick flight to Chicago, so maybe they won't feel so far away after all.  

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