Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing New

No news is good news, right?  Actually, when you have a kid with a weird health issue, it's nice to suddenly realize that a week or two has gone by and everything has been kind of...normal?

We're still working on building up Punky's tolerance to Poly-Vi-Sol, and so far it looks like she can handle it.  I'm giving her a 1/2 dose every day now.  Poor thing- I have to sneak up on her with the dropper because if she sees that vile brown liquid coming toward her she clamps her mouth shut and ducks.  But I've been successful in getting it into her, no matter how mean I feel.  

We've been getting outside for walks around the neighborhood now that it's been warmer and I love feeling the sunshine on my face.  I'm always thinking of that Vitamin D!  I'll have to be a stickler for sunscreen in the months to come, but right now we need our pasty white skin to soak it up.  

Boo has discovered his shadow and he likes to chase it down the sidewalk.  What a thrill!  I think I remember doing the same years ago.  He's also been making up a song that he sings while we're outside.  The lyrics include all our names, something about it being nice outside, and then a part about "jumping, jumping, jumping."  

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