Monday, April 18, 2011

Winter Renovations

Every winter we seem to find ourselves involved in a tedious indoor project at our little house, and this winter was no different.

It has been my dream, since moving into our house, that we would one day get rid of the beige carpet that swathed every surface.  With some mild environmental allergies, and two cats, it just makes sense to live in a house with hardwood floors.  If only we had had the money, and a spare month before moving, to do the floors back in 2005.  But other projects needed our attention first, and the floors had to wait.

We started with Boo's room, since we absolutely had to get it done in one day.  To know Boo is to know that he is not happy when his environment changes.  The flooring is some beautiful, pre-finished maple we got from a liquidator.  It is very close in color to the maple in our living room, although the planks are a different width.  

Boo was so excited to get a new rug.  He specifically asked me for a green one, and luckily he loves this one from IKEA, which I believe is the only green rug they carry.

Now that we've brought the flooring out of Boo's room, we must go backwards into the master bedroom.  You'll notice the duct tape holding the crumbling edges together a little longer.

This is the "before" panoramic shot of the master bedroom.  There were a lot of things that needed to change about this room, such as the Winnie-The-Pooh yellow paint on the walls, the fact that our homemade headboard fell off the wall, and the eyesore IKEA wardrobe in the corner.  And the closet doors...well, I tried to mimic the pattern on the curtain panels across the room.  It got old very quickly.  Also, the doors were jamming all the time and we usually just left them open so we didn't have to deal with them.

Funny, the brown accent wall doesn't look so bad in this picture.  We loved the look of matte paint at first, until we realized it was impossible to clean.  Not that the wall behind the bed is a high-traffic area, but every time anyone put a hand on it for balance while smooshing a spider up in the corner, it left a mark.

Clean, white baseboards, fresh gray paint, and wood floor that now extends into the closet.

A combination of Pax and Stolmen IKEA closet fixtures.  We were using them before, but they look so much neater now, with wood floor beneath.

And now everything is crammed back into the closet.  We'll need a little Spring cleaning in that area, for sure. I think the beige curtains are classy, and they should help to absorb the sound now that there's less carpet in the room.

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