Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project: iPad Case

I love my iPad2.  It is the most perfectly designed toy I have ever owned.  Perfect!  Well, except for one little thing.  It's super sleek, and light-weight, and thin...and almost impossible for a toddler to hang on to.

One of the reasons I wanted an iPad in the first place was that it's so user-friendly, even a baby can use it.  Yes, a baby!

I see so much "electronic babysitter" potential in the iPad, that it seems a shame to hide it from the kids.  But I can barely hang on to the thing myself.  I already shelled out for Apple's magnetic cover that works as a prop.  And The Mister bought me a pretty fabric case he found on Etsy.  So to go and buy a special kid-friendly cover is just an added expense, although there are some durable ones on the market.

I had an ideal cover in mind: a padded, no frills kind of thing that Boo could hold while sitting in the car on long trips.  It was important to me that it could be dropped on its front or back and be completely cushioned.  I imagined it would be made of a thick wool felt, with some simple stitching in a contrasting color. But I didn't have any felt on hand so I came up with this:

It's far from perfect, but as a prototype, I'm extremely proud of it.

I didn't expect the sides to gape like this.  But the iPad is still snug inside, so it's just annoying to look at.

The iPad slides in the top and is held inside by a hook and loop tape closure.

The back and the front edge are padded with 1" foam.

If you look at it closely, you'll see all kinds of uneven stitching, loose ends, and a pulling seam.  I have trouble estimating what a seam allowance should be and I like to eyeball it instead of measuring.  It took me about four hours at the sewing machine to get from a vague idea to a completed project.  I'm more comfortable letting Boo hold my iPad now, but the biggest satisfaction comes from knowing I made something instead of buying it.

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