Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Days of Creativity: Day 15- Strange Butterfly

Okay, this technically wasn't my idea.  I have an extremely imaginative boy.

I got out a stack of embroidery hoops because I had some ideas for them.  Boo wanted to run around with them, so I let him.  A minute later, I heard him saying, "Look at all the beautiful butterflies!"  He was two-fisting the embroidery hoops and waving them up and down so they flapped like wings.  They did actually move like butterflies.  I took the screws out of two and then linked them together.

I was thinking I would find some patterned fabric and stretch it inside the hoops.  Then Boo bashed the "butterfly" into something and it splintered into several sharp pieces.  I guess embroidery hoops are not meant as toys.

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