Saturday, June 18, 2011

30 Days of Creativity: Day 17- Homemade Cards

Father's Day and my mother-in-law's birthday fell on the same weekend this year, meaning I needed to pull together four cards.  Spending something like $12 for Hallmark greetings, seems like a waste of money when I have two perfectly good crayon and marker artists-in-residence.  

Out came the art supplies and my giant pack of colored card stock and envelopes.

For The Mister, we made a golf ball-themed card.  Our present to him is that he gets to go golfing.  I'm probably a little lazy for not going out to get him something, but I believe this is all he really wants.

We punched out the "balls" and I started to color in the dimples, but Boo took over and made squiggles instead.

Punky attempted to use the markers.  I don't think she noticed I left the caps on for her.

The trick to crafting with very young children is to remove the art supplies within seconds of them being put down.  It requires constant vigilance and is actually a little stressful.  But the glue stayed in the bottle, and the stray marker and crayon marks didn't go further than the tabletop, so I think we did pretty well.  

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