Monday, June 27, 2011

30 Days of Creativity: Day 27- A Hat for a Royal Wedding

I've had a little obsession since watching the highlights of the wedding of Will and Kate.

It's the phenomenal hats worn by the wedding guests.  And one hat in particular, designed by Philip Treacy, and worn by Princess Beatrice of York.

It's so awesome, so stupid, so elegant, so confusing.  So...easy to make, right?  I had to try.

I had all the hat-making materials I needed.

An embroidery hoop stuck into a cream cheese container made the right shape.

I couldn't find the right shade of light pink, but this gift bag had some festive colors.  I cut it into strips and started wrapping and taping.

Turns out, I may have overestimated the size of the hoop in proportion to the rest of the hat.

Also, this was an extremely hard picture to take of myself.  Especially since the hat kept slipping and I was raising my eyebrows to try to keep it up.  However Beatrice secured her hat, I'm guessing it was a long uncomfortable wedding for her.

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