Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 Days of Creativity: Days 21 and 22- Patchwork Rug and Another Animation

For Day 21, I made use of the pile of FLOR modular carpet tiles that have accumulated in our basement.  I love, love, love FLOR.  

We used it in our basement a few years ago when we did our remodel and it has been great in handling the kinds of events (spring flooding, cat vomiting, drink spilling) that would ruin conventional carpet.  We had every intention of buying more FLOR for rugs after installing our hardwood flooring, but the project was already getting too expensive.  

Luckily, The Mister came across some samples.  OK, so most of the tiles he brought home were of the ugly commercial (hotel, bowling alley, casino) variety, but there were enough solid colors to be able to mix in.

I had a lot of help.  Especially once the kids realized I was using giant circular STICKERS to put the tiles together.

Just in time for potty training.  Go ahead and pee on carpet, kids!  I'll just pull it up and wash it off.  Well, not really.  It's still a hassle.

For Day 22, I made an animation of the kids playing on our patio.  Boo loves to run laps around his climber and Punky works her way around as well.  You can even see one of our cats in a few frames.  Something got screwed up with the music sync between the time I finished the animation and uploaded it to YouTube.  I was too tired to go back and work with it, by the time I found out.  There are a lot of limitations to the cheap-y app I'm using for animating. 

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