Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge- The Big Finish!

Whew!  I'm kind of glad to be done with this challenge.  I think it brought to light certain facts that I didn't want to think about every day: a) uploading photos from my camera to my laptop is an excruciatingly long process; b) my kids cannot leave me alone when I am either holding a camera or using a computer; c) The Mister sure travels a lot for work lately and sometimes all I can do is take care of the kids and I have to put aside all the "extra" things I want to do; d) the photos stored on my computer, my external hard drive, and my photo hosting site are horribly unorganized and I will probably never catch up on putting them in order.  But I did play around with some of my camera functions and now have some inspiration for future photos.

Day 26: Close Up
Our neighbors gave Boo a popsicle one day and being a good food-allergy mom, I had to ask for the ingredients.  They were these great Edy's "all-natural" Fruit Bars.  They do have corn syrup in them, but at least it's not HFCS.  I bought a box of our own and we're rationing them out.  I love surprising him with unexpected treats!

Day 27: From A Distance
As the crow flies, Whole Foods isn't all that far away.  Unfortunately, there are two popular lakes and their corresponding parkways between us and our organic goodies.  I rarely make it there except to buy a few hard-to-find items.

Day 28: Flowers
My backyard marigolds.

Day 29: Black and White

Instead of taking a black and white photo, I decided to take a picture of something black and white.  I almost ended up with some pictures of my salt and pepper shakers.

Day 30: Self-portrait
I like that the jacket is the same color as my eyes.  I just got it at the Gap Outlet.  I swear, the prices are great there, but there's always something a little "off" about everything.  I'm not crazy about this collar, but I wear scarves when it's cool out, so I guess it doesn't matter.

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