Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge- Days 10,11,12

Once again, way behind in posting these, and they're not really worth it, but for the sake of completing my photo challenge, here are three pictures.

A Childhood Memory

 I had to cook ground pork the other day so Punky could try it.  This was the first time I've ever dealt with ground pork, and I was pretty disgusted by the way the grease was splattering everywhere on my stovetop.  It was interesting how "home-y" it felt when the smell of cooking meat filled the house.  It reminded me of growing up and my mom cooking dinner for the family.

Something Blue

My kitchen cabinets are blue, orange, and brown.  Knowing that it would be a few years before we remodeled the kitchen, I just had to get some color in the room.  I'm really, really sick of this color scheme now, but we'll start work on the new kitchen sometime next year.


You can't see the sunset from our house, so this is the back patio at the time of sunset.  I was being lazy this evening because I could've walked over to one of the overpasses on 35W and taken a picture of downtown Minneapolis all lit up in beautiful oranges and pinks.  But once the kids are in bed, my energy plummets and I like to stay put.

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