Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Zig-Zaggy, Part 1

Here's the rest of the Missoni for Target story from two weeks ago.  It's been a slightly annoying couple of weeks as I've been trying to track down my online order.  

I got awfully tired of seeing the Target mascot dog every time I tried to log on to my account.

But, to my surprise, some things were actually delivered this week, like the multicolored cotton trench coat.

Kind of pretty from a distance, right?

Metal chain for hanging: always a sign of quality.





So for $79.99, I had bought a flimsy, poorly constructed "coat" with all the structure of a bed sheet.  I already returned it to Target, where it was pounced upon within minutes.  Oh well, it'll be someone else's mistake now.

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