Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Zig-Zaggy, Part 2

More of the Missoni for Target collection that I got my paws on...

Fortunately, not everything was as cheap and flimsy as the multicolored trench.

This little girls' cardigan looked pretty cute.  When I made my online order, the 18-24 month size was already sold out, so I nabbed the 2T-3T, thinking Punky could grow into it.  But I changed my mind almost immediately.  I feel like cute cardigans abound at discount stores like Target and Old Navy, and I'm going to find many more, for less money in the near future, so there was no point in keeping this one.  

The sweater dress.  One of the most popular items.  Sigh.  The online pictures looked pretty good, but they did not show a close view.  I was thinking the fact that the zig-zags ran vertically, made it look more slimming.  What I couldn't have known, was that the stitching gives it definite horizontal lines that stretch across every bulge in the most unflattering way.

I do love the color combination.  This knit fabric would make a lovely throw.  But, there was also a bit of an itch-factor that I had been dreading, even though there was an attached polyester slip inside.  I mean, I know a budget line means using budget materials, but I would almost call this chintzy.  I can't imagine how it would lose it's shape after being washed, even if dried flat, which would make it all crunchy.  

Smirking.  Yeah, even the neckline of this dress is unflattering.  What a disappointment.

One of the duvet sets.  I grabbed because it's really beautiful.  A good weight and texture.  Fun colors.  In the end I returned it because I just couldn't justify spending $99 on a new duvet set when I just bought a (real) Marimekko set last spring.  It occurred to me that this was a great opportunity to get my crafty little hands on some serious yardage of Missoni-print fabric, but as a beginning-level sewer, I'd be afraid to cut into it.  If it had been less money, I think I would've kept it around just for fun.

Headbands.  Honestly, I love how they look except for one little thing: no teeth.  If I had seen that in the store, I wouldn't have bought them.  Boo.  So pretty, though.

Makeup bag.  I do actually need a makeup bag, but even as I was buying this one, I suspected I might be returning it.  It's made well and it's cute.  Just not my style.

The tote.  Oh, man.  If there's anything that caused me to deliberate, it's this tote bag.  Again, it has that gorgeous print I love.  It's large and sturdy, perfect for the library or the beach, or a weekend.

Generous inside pockets.  And again, made really well.  No pulling seams or loose threads like that horrid trench coat.  The reason I ultimately returned it was because I just don't need another canvas bag.  In a house where we're already tripping over a variety of diaper bags, shopping bags, and backpacks, I had to reign myself in and say, "I don't need this."  Even though it was only $35.

Target, you're breaking my heart.  These girls' shoes are darling.  And the box is so elegant, I wanted to keep them just to have it.  A bit impractical, as the material definitely makes these indoor-only.  They fit Punky perfectly, which made me think she might have worn them for only a month or two anyway.  And, to be honest, Punky already has four or five pairs of cute shoes in her current size.  It's excessive to throw another pair into the rotation no matter how adorable.  I was so sad to see them go back, but I'm imagining another mom probably went into hysterics finding them on the remaining Missoni rack at our local Target.

So there you have it, a lot of things I really wanted to like, but ended up returning just because I didn't need them.  I still have a few items out in shipping limbo and, if the confusing emails intermittently sends me are correct, I should get them in late October.

If one good thing has come out of this, I've decided that the earth-tone chevron print is so gorgeous that I'm going to try my hand at quilting.  I think a small crib quilt for Punky in the same color scheme would be a great beginner project for me and would make me feel better after missing out on the throw I wanted more than anything else in the Missoni for Target collection.

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