Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obsession: Habitot

It's been almost a year since our first trip to the Minnesota Children's Museum.  For some reason, I guess I didn't believe all the hype about how great it was, so I had put off going for a long time.  But after our first visit, we decided to become members because I could see myself taking the kids a couple times a month.  The kids definitely have their favorite exhibits and hands-on activities, but the Habitot room, for ages 4 and under, is my favorite space.

The room has a woodland theme, so there are little trees and ponds integrated in the climbing structure.  But I hadn't noticed until one recent visit that there is a hollow tree with hooks inside for hanging all sorts of wonderful animal costumes.  Punky put on some cardinal wing "sleeves", and I just about died of cuteness.

One of the things I love most about this room is the brilliant white light coming through the windows that makes my pictures extra-sharp even when the kids are moving around.

I think I was encouraging her to run and flap her arms in this shot.  Seriously, doesn't this costume seem easy enough to make, if one had the time?  

Boo was excited about this skunk suit, but wouldn't let me put it on him.  

And there's this.  A stunning view out the east window, where you can see the skyways, the MPR news ticker, and right on up to Dayton's Bluff and Metro State University (obscured by a snowflake in this picture).  And there are igloo-building blocks and chimes to play.  It's a magical little nook.

Boo happily running up the stairs, on his way to the slide.  
It's a shame we'll outgrow this room soon.  I think I'll miss coming here more than they will.  

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