Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Cityscape, Part 2

Day 27

I finished it!

Surprisingly, this is pretty much what I thought it would look like, so I'm glad I kept going after last night when I thought it wasn't working out.

I actually had this idea years ago, but I was thinking of a fair scene with lights on all the rides.  Then I kept seeing that picture of white Christmas lights poked through a canvas on Pinterest and it made me really want to try it.

This is, of course, based on Minneapolis.  Some of the buildings look kind of like they're supposed to.  And then I got a little carried away with the "steps" on the Campbell-Mithun building.  Boo totally got that it was Minneapolis and then he wanted me to show him which building his allergist is at.  He really wanted it to be the IDS.

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