Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Crockpot Coq au Vin

Day 17

I'm sure not the first person to "create" Coq au Vin for a slow cooker.  But as I sifted through different recipes I had, and then looked at my available ingredients, I came up with something I think I can call my own.

The cursive writing?  It seemed appropriate for an old-school recipe card.  But let me ask you, have you actually tried cursive writing since elementary school?  It's so hard!  This actually looks exactly like my handwriting in about 6th grade.  Although if it took me this long to write things out then, I don't think I ever would've turned in any homework.  I think I spent 15 minutes on the card and my hand was cramped when I was done.

So, I noticed there's one glaring omission, and that's garlic.  So if anyone wants to make this, be sure to throw in about two cloves, minced.

I wish I had taken a picture of the actual food, but The Mister ate a bunch, then froze the rest before I had the chance.  This was one of his Father's Day presents.  The other ones were some storage stuff for his basement man-cave/workshop, a tee shirt, and an afternoon at the movies.

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