Saturday, June 9, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Days 5-9

This week has been awful.  The Mister had to travel to Peoria overnight, I missed a lot of sleep, I didn't get a parenting break, and it was almost impossible to get anything done above and beyond my daily "chores".  I wish I could say I was taking a break from some of my usual tasks in order to have more time for creative pursuits, but it just can't be done.  I mean, miss one day of scooping the litter box, or feeding the kids?  I don't think so.  

Day 5.  Braided headband

I found the tutorial for this on Pinterest, but didn't read very far into it before starting.  And I learned something new.  Braiding five strands is not the same as braiding three strands.  I had never tried it, but I assumed you still just took the outside strand and put it in the middle every time.  Well, it's slightly different, and I wasn't too far into it before I went back to find out what I was doing wrong.  

The headband turned out nicely, but I'm wondering why I thought a white and heather gray striped fabric would look great.  I guess if I ever wake up in the morning and decide, "I need something drab to put on my head today."

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work on anything in my house without a Siamese cat planting himself right into the middle of things.  

Day 6. Train track layout

While The Mister was away this week, I took the kids to Ikea by myself.  This might sound crazy and/or brave, but the thing is, they are on their absolute best behavior when I take them to Ikea.  We start by eating some dinner (they get juice boxes, which is a big treat), then go to the kids area to play on the little slide and climb on the beds, then I get a few minutes to shop at the end.  I went in with the sole purpose of getting the two Trofast storage units you see in the picture.  The kids chanted, "strong Mama, strong Mama," while I hauled the 50 lb boxes around on the cart, and I barely got them loaded into the car, but we managed to get them assembled  and filled with toys before Daddy got home.  The one of the left holds our train tracks, and the one on the right is full of Duplos.  

The "creative" part is the layout I worked on with the kids after we had cleaned up the basement.  We have wooden tracks from several different brands, and Plan Toys makes a two-lane road with an adapter to cross the tracks.  So the picture shows the beginning stages of our track and road combination coming out of the station.    Not hugely creative, but I do enjoy working with the tracks and coming up with new layouts.  
Day 7.  Water + kids + camera

This was the first time we filled our little pool this summer.  Within 45 minutes, most of the water had been splashed out, but I got a few fun shots of flying water catching the sunlight.  Toward the end, after the camera battery had died, I added some soap.  I called it a bath.  Maybe not the "cleanest" bath they've ever taken, but it's good enough for summertime.  

Day 8. List of Awesome
(no picture)

I had this idea last night that I wanted to end my awful day on a good note so I started making a list of the most awesome days I've ever had.  And then, I decided not to share it because some of it was really personal, most of it was dorky, and then I felt like I was showing off like, "I'm so awesome because I did this and that."  But I have a good start of a list and I think I want to keep adding to it.  It was a great exercise before bed, and totally made me feel better before I went to sleep.  

Day 9. Silk headband

I've had this cute silk shirt for ages and it had a tiny rip in the side seam that I couldn't fix.  And it hasn't really fit me since having babies, so I just kept it around thinking I'd use the fabric someday.  Today I finally cut it up to make my second headband.  I did not follow a tutorial, so it's really slapped together with ugly seams on the underside where no one will see them.  Also, I didn't really know how to gather it in back by the elastic so I was just pinching and sewing and it's kind of uneven.  Still, I think it works and I'm feeling like I finally made something today that I'm going to use.  

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  1. The storage looks so awesome!! I am in need of something for Audrey's things, so I am now inspired. And the headbands are super cute. You can totally pull that off, idk if I could but I do love the braided one in drab colors. I love heather grey. Way to go! - Kate