Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Headphone Fix

Day 20

Boo is doing something in his OT sessions called Theraputic Listening.  I'm planning to blog more about that later.
Basically, he has to listen to modified music (oh, it's really weird-sounding) for 30 minutes twice a day with these special headphones.  And when I say "special," I mean there is only one kind of headphones specifically made for therapy purposes and they are expensive.  It kind of all sounded like a racket at first, but we had the chance to trial them at his appointments and I could SEE with my own eyes that the program was making a difference.

The thing is, although these are special therapy headphones, they make them in adult-size only.  So they will not stay on Boo's head, especially when he looks down to draw or play with toys, which is what he's supposed to be doing while listening.  They fly off his head and he gets angry, which is the opposite of the effect we're looking for.  So I fashioned this band out of some stretchy Paul Frank fabric I happened to be hoarding.  Now the headphones stay on and Boo peacefully listens to his wacky music.

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