Wednesday, June 20, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Visual Honey-Do List

Day 18

Why do they call it a Honey-Do list?  It sounds like Honeydew, like you're trying to be extra sweet.  "No, I'm not still nagging you about fixing the lawn mower.  I'm just putting it on this cute little list.  See?"  

I have a lot of small projects that I don't have time to do, so I keep hoping The Mister will just do them someday.  But he doesn't, and I get that long sigh sound every time I bring them up.  My new tactic is to go around taking pictures of all the things in our house that need work.  Everybody likes pictures.

Note: I'm not saying The Mister is the only one who can do these.  Stuff like painting I can definitely work on, too.  It's just that The Mister knows where to find all the supplies to do these things, whereas I'd be digging around in the basement for an hour just to find a brush.

Clean up

This is a mess

Too much yellow

Why don't they match?

Update this to indicate we've had children

Needs a trim piece

Paint (or something)

Cover this up!

Cover this up, too

What is this?

Does something go here?

Paint over

Fix and paint


Clean up

Fix (even though technically, I broke it)

Clean up

Fill holes

We could get rid of most of these?

Something wrong with internet

Finish painting this

Sad and ugly

Pick one.  I don't even care.

Finish this

This, too

Can we do something about this?

Hello, eyesore
Update: since I'm blogging this a few days after actually taking the pictures, two of the things on the list have already been done.  Of course, I've already discovered some other things that needed doing.  I hear that EVERYONE'S house has unfinished projects that no one seems to want to do.  

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  1. This post really made me laugh. I'm sure you didn't intend that, but it happened. Jeff would kill me if I put his honey-do list on the blog! (and I totally thought that your basement ceiling was intentional until now)