Monday, June 4, 2012

My 30 Days of Creativity Kick-Off: Days 1-4

Last year, during the 30 Days of Creativity, I got a ton of things done.  I used it as a good excuse to finally get going on those "someday" projects around the house.  This time around, I'm keeping it small because there just isn't time.  Here's what I have so far.

Day 1: Silhouette of a moving cat.  I kept tracing the shadow every time he moved his head.

Day 2:  Craigslist ad.  I'm selling a bunch of clutter around the house, including a store-display mannequin that I never used for anything interesting.  So in the ad (which probably isn't readable here) I made a comment about Andrew McCarthy and included a picture of the movie poster from Mannequin.  So far, only one hit, and I think it's spam so I didn't even respond to the email.  Boo.

Day 3: "Healthy" Ranch dressing.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for low-fat ranch made from cottage cheese and ranch seasoning.  And then I found another recipe for homemade ranch seasoning because who wants to eat all that MSG in the packaged stuff?  Not me.  So, this turned out to be pretty good although I don't agree with the Pinterest reviews of "OMG, you can't tell this isn't real ranch dressing!"  It's really thick, more like a dip than a dressing, but I've had a couple salads with it and it sort of worked.  

Day 4: Popsicles from leftover smoothies.   Punky and Boo are really into smoothies lately, which is great because I can sneak in their vitamins and they never know.  Punky actually prefers her green smoothies, made with spinach, in the morning, so hers has an extra little kick to it.  We freeze the leftovers into popsicle molds, then they can have one in the afternoon in that hour or two before dinner.

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