Sunday, July 1, 2012

30 Days of Creativity: Homemade Graham Crackers

Day 30 (Actually completed on July 1st)

We are going camping soon, with a group of families, and I realized that our kids could be the only ones without s'mores if I didn't plan ahead.

Boo already eats most commercial graham crackers, but I had trouble finding some for Punky that did not contain rice flour or some form of soy.  I searched for homemade graham cracker recipes and found one here that looked like it would work.  I modified slightly, using whole wheat pastry flour instead of the gluten-free flour mix in the recipe, since both kids appear to be okay with wheat.

These were labor-intensive.  I'm not a fan of having to roll out dough, even though I now have a little more counter space to do it.  But I did follow the directions to use parchment paper (first time ever, for me) and it worked like a charm keeping that sheet of baked crackers from sticking to the pan.

I wish I could convey how my house smells right now.  Ohhhh, bliss.

They look just like store-bought crackers, too, except for the non-precise squares.

And, you know, to make sure we weren't going to have a reaction to them, we needed to test them at home before we take them camping.

This wraps up 30 Days of Creativity until next year.  It was hard this time, but I love that it got me using my brain a little more and brushing up on a few skills.  I proved to myself that I can get non-essential cooking/painting/drawing/crafting/sewing done while taking care of my normal "mom" duties, even though it cost me a few hours of sleep.

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