Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Big Blow-Out

No, I'm not talking about a bad diaper-changing experience.

I've been really excited about all the new blowdry bars opening locally.  I've only had my hair straightened a handful of times, usually right after a haircut.  It's awesome.  If you have straight-ish hair already, you probably can't appreciate what it's like to have your hair texture do a complete 180.  Of course, I've only done it in the winter when it's much drier and there's a chance of the style lasting a few days.

My cousin's wedding was last (hot, muggy) Saturday, and I was up for experimenting, so I made an appointment at Blowdry in Uptown.

Here's what my hair looks like a normal day: curly, crazy, sometimes a little frizzy.

And after a luxurious hour of head massage, shampooing, and professional blowdrying with a round brush:

Another view of the back.  My hair seemed to grow about 5 inches in length, when straightened.  My stylist suggested some loose waves at the bottom, and I agreed, although I like the pin straight look too.

Later that evening, after I had been outside in the stifling heat a few times, I started to get a little "fuzzy".  This is the only picture I have of me at the wedding (except one in the photo booth where I was wearing a wig).  You can tell my hair is already looking not-so-sleek anymore. 

And here's what it looked like the next morning, after I had slept on it: wavy, shrunken back to it's normal length, and way frizzy.  It still felt super-silky from whatever products were in it, but I didn't want to leave the house until I had pulled it back. 

Now I know not to try this in the summer again because it's not worth the $35 (+tip, +parking) for a hairstyle that barely makes it through the day.  But I wouldn't hesitate to go to Blowdry again in the winter, when I might get 3-4 days of perfect hair out of it.  I felt completely pampered the whole time I was there, which may have been worth the money in itself.


  1. Hi Suze! I am new to the FPIES world. Our 13 month old has it and we are just started to trial food.... A fail right from the start. :( I would love to have another mom I could speak to about how to get started and see you are also in MN? Is there anyway I could connect with you more directly? Thank you, Tanya

  2. Hi, Tanya. I can't figure out how to send you back a private message through Blogger. Are you on Facebook? I am part of the "FPIES Midwest" group- there are a lot of MN moms who have been great resources for me when we first realized we were dealing with FPIES. It's a "closed" group, but you can send a request to be added and we can connect that way. I look forward to hearing from you!