Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Chicago Children's Museum on Navy Pier

While in Chicago, we couldn't pass up a visit to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier.  

The Mister was off to work at the University of Chicago for the morning so I struck out on my own with the kids, the stroller, and a backpack full of necessities.  Navy Pier was only a few blocks from our hotel, so we had no trouble getting there, even though the hot sun was already beating down on us.  We got there just in time to meet some friends who had driven in from the suburbs that morning.

I can't say that this chidren's museum is better than the one in St. Paul, but it's completely different, which makes it so fun to explore.  One of the temporary exhibits was called Circus Zirkus, where kids could try on costumes and perform different stunts scattered around a large room.  

Boo completely shocked me when he disappeared around a corner and came back walking on stilts!

He also found this giant barbell.

Punky used the assorted rings for playing and accessorizing.

And Boo wanted to try swinging on the trapeze.

The Skyline room was filled with real tools, nuts and bolts, and wooden pieces that reminded me of a giant erector set.  Kids could try building structures, or just walk around wearing sassy little tool belts.  

The kids started to melt down around lunchtime, so after a quite bite at McDonalds, we had to say good-bye to our friends and head back to the hotel for naps.  The Mister returned from the job site and, when we were rested, we set out again for the museum.

The Mister and the kids worked on making aerodynamic propellers that we could crank up to the ceiling on a belt and watch spin back down. 

It was nice for me to get a little break from holding Punky, who has become a mama's girl lately.

Punky found the same rolling pin bench she played with last year.  I remember that on our last visit she using it to pull herself up.  How much she's changed!

A fossil dig kept the kids busy for awhile.  

Boo had fun with giant dominoes...

...and a catapult.

I was happy to see my favorite exhibit, Michael's Museum, was still there.  It's a room full of collections of miniature objects.  

With so much to see and do, I'm hoping we will return to Chicago a few more times before the kids are too old for the Children's Museum.  

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  1. So cool! I'd also love the miniatures room, but we'd probably never get A to leave the dino dig. Looks like your kids had a blast!