Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah

September.  Time to send the little'uns off to school , air out the sweaters, get ready for the fall season of TV, and think about making and freezing some yummy soups.  

Our family went to the Minnesota State Fair on Labor Day for one final day of summer fun. 

We are now bonafide Ferris Wheel aficionados.  We will pass no Ferris Wheel unridden, despite my sqeamishness about heights and sudden movements from children.

We spent time coloring at the Alphabet Forest.

I loved the opportunity for kids to use these laminated letters to make their own signs on pool noodles.

Boo made up his own word.

These statues were really cool, the heads moved like pendulums in the wind.  

During a break in the shade, Punky kicked off her shoes and plopped down, channeling Richie Tenenbaum.

We actually found some foods for the kids to eat.  First we got them Sno Cones, but told the guy making them to only put one tiny squirt of syrup in them.  The kids didn't care, and I was glad they only got a minimum serving of sugar and dyes.  

In the Agriculture building, there were frozen apple cider pops for $1.  These were a huge hit.  

It was nice to see many of the food vendors at the Fair were making strides to offer more fresh fruit and veggies, gluten-free foods, and have ingredient lists posted on their stands.  To be absolutely allergy-safe, you probably should talk to the workers to see how they avoid cross-contamination, but it's hard when it's crowded and you have people waiting behind you.  For our family, we felt fairly safe in our choices and I really hope it's a sign that people with food allergies are going to find it easier to identify things they can have.  Of course we brought a few things from home along for the kids' lunches, but it makes it a fun day when we can buy a few treats too.  

It was a hot day, but we managed to keep the kids in the shade and hydrated.  They had a great time, and we felt satisfied that we got to see and do everything we wanted.  

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