Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Roundup 10.22.12

Happy Monday, friends!

I was just at Trader Joe's and saw that they now sell Kim chi.  I've never had it, but I generally like fermented things so I bought a package to try.  I have to say- it's soooo good.  Sweet, spicy, vinegary, garlic-y, pickle-y yumminess.  Where was this stuff when I was pregnant?  I still don't know what I'm supposed to serve it with, but it was great straight out of the package.

Last week's big news on a few of the blogs I follow was that the look book for the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration has been released.  I've not always been a fan of the pseudo-luxury items in the designer collaborations Target has had in the past, but one thing caught my eye immediately and it happens to be the least expensive item of all: the Rodarte wrapping paper.   For $7.99, I'm going to splurge on it and stick it in a frame.  The big question is: should I join the melee on December 1?  If I do, I'll take pictures!

Speaking of framing things, I've seen this great beer variety poster around on Pinterest.  And then my Crate and Barrel Holiday catalog arrived, with the same poster taking up the entirety of Page 34.  There are a couple lines going into the graphic, but they are so thin, it's almost as if you could cut out the page and put it in a frame, and no one would know you didn't buy it.  Yep.  Totally doing that.

Just check out these 19th century pictures of babies. When you understand what's going on "behind the scenes" they shouldn't seem creepy...but they still are!

Something to put on your calendar if you live in Minnesota and your kids (or you) have food allergies: The FASGMN Food Allergy Resource Fair on Nov. 10.  It's a free event, and you get tons of free samples.

What are Punky and Boo looking at?  This is the fence around the playground at Boo's preschool.  We have to stop and peek through the cracks every day when we drop him off.

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