Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Morning Roundup 11.5.12

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween.  We took the kids trick-or-treating for the first time, without mishap, and they can't wait to go again.  The Mister and I sorted out the candy and took out all the chocolate-y, peanut-y yumminess (for allergy reasons only, I swear!) leaving the kids with plenty to enjoy throughout the week.

Here are my favorite links this rainy Monday morning:

We've just been granted an extra hour.  Incredibox is one way to waste it.

More happy nonsense: Cat Bounce.

Word of the week?  Printables.  Make that, FREE Printables.  I've been seeing them all over Pinterest and realizing that printables are not just the coloring and activity sheets I routinely download for my kids, but real 3-D projects that would look great in my house.  For instance, this cardstock winter village you can light from behind.  It reminds me of this pretty Ikea light I keep on top of the piano at Christmas time.

She may be in pigtails, but she shows nothing but maturity when dealing with a bullying classmate.  Kudos to this high schooler for taking the high road.

Is it too soon?  I found these 10 Laws of Thanksgiving Dinner and agree for the most part, even though any food I cook might be slightly modified for the kids.  #5. Start serving drinks the minute your guests arrive, no matter the hour.  Thanksgiving is not a time to judge. Ha!

That is all.  Have a wonderful Monday.

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