Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Roundup 1.21.13

Happy Frickin' Cold Monday, Friends!

It's so cold...
 ...that Punky decided to wear an undershirt under her swimsuit while eating her frozen smoothie this morning.  

Warm or cold, your state deserves a little love.  I'm thinking I'll try some State String-Art with MN.

I've often thought someone needs to make a guide for this.  Tips for Getting Out of Ikea Faster

How to Make Kale Chips (Better)  Although, even plain, they're delicious.

Just go here and read the comments.  Playmobile Security Checkpoint

I guess I have a nerdy side somewhere because I thought this was hilarious.  Twitter Conversations Between Real Astronauts and the Cast of Star Trek

Have a great rest of your Monday and stay warm!

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