Sunday, January 6, 2013

Post-Holidays, Year in Review, and Resolutions

I dropped off the blogging cliff for a little while.  The last part of December was difficult, as it always is, with holiday stress, travelling, illnesses, and the pervasive darkness those of us in the Northern Hemisphere endure this time of the year. 

It's a shame that the year has to end with the most horrible month for me, especially when 2012 was a fantastic year otherwise.  The kids turned another year older, and gradually, things got easier.  We tried all kinds of new experiences and got a lot of important stuff done, too.  

In our home, we:
  • remodeled the kitchen
  • painted some of our dark brown walls to a slate gray
  • installed new flooring on the main level
  • finished painting and carpeting our stairs
  • got rid of a ton of stuff  
As a family, we:
  • took a fun trip to Chicago by train
  • went on amusement park rides, both at Chicago's Navy Pier and the MN State Fair
  • went Trick-or-Treating for the first time
  • successfully potty-trained one child
  • sent our oldest off to preschool
And personally, I:
  • had physical therapy for plantar faciitis (it actually worked!)
  • went to the dentist, after a long time, and had my cavities taken care of
  • did volunteer work for three different organizations
  • stopped drinking soda
  • stopped eating wheat/gluten
  • took my vitamins (almost) every day
  • gave blood for the first time
  • found time for reading for entertainment again
  • found time to play piano
  • listened to new music (I mean anything that's been released since 2008)
  • started doing my Sunday crossword puzzle again
  • got back into my Tuesday night "Girly Group" 
  • started paying bills and doing accounting/budgeting online
  • kept up with this blog!
I love looking back at a year and seeing how many accomplishments I've made, even though a lot of time I felt like nothing new was going on.  And I think a lot of what we were able to do was because we finally had kids at the ages where they could play with each other for longer periods of time.  I know my days got easier, and I could sneak in some "me time" once in awhile, instead of giving everyone else 100% of my attention.  

Looking ahead to the next year, I can't pin down just one New Year's Resolution, and I don't necessarily think everything has to start on January 1, either.  But here are some of my goals for 2013.  They are all realistic, and mostly things that I have already begun doing, so I shouldn't get too overwhelmed.

In our home
  • replace our scratched-up Teflon cookware with stainless steel (actually, I'm almost done with this!)
  • keep downsizing, with the goal of getting rid of more than we take in
  • make our patio a better playing/relaxing space
  • no expensive, time-consuming renovations this year (I'm most happy about this one)
  • keep replacing conventional cleaning products with chemical-free ones
As a family
  • no more diapers
  • entertain more
  • possibly send Boo to kindergarten this fall
  • take a fun little trip
  • find a better, more convenient, clinic than the one we've been going to
  • either get the kids into swimming lessons, or take them swimming more frequently
  • take more walks and bike rides
  • get a handle on my anxiety- I actually have a concrete plan and I'll share more on this later
  • more volunteering, because it's been really fun and rewarding
  • spend time going to more cultural activities (museums, plays, concerts, readings, and pedicures-if I can read magazines there, it's cultural)
  • keep doing all the things I love doing that make me feel like "me" again (like blogging!)
  • get through my giant pile of papers to scan and save electronically
  • enjoy time with my family, because things are starting to get really fun

Thanks so much to everyone who keeps reading.  I've really enjoyed blogging as a hobby, and it somehow gives a little more purpose and direction to my life as a SAHM.  It's always so encouraging to watch the page views go up and know that I've posted something interesting, that others can identify with.  

I wish everyone much peace and happiness in the new year!


  1. This post was so inspirational... congrats on all your achievements this past year!

  2. I have really liked following your posts when I can and particularly loved the holiday card. So great. :)