Sunday, January 6, 2013

Punky's Dollhouse

I've been waiting for a long time for Punky to be old enough for a dollhouse, and this Christmas I thought it was finally time for her to have one.

I had been looking for a secondhand, wooden dollhouse for a while.  This one happened to be at a garage sale for $30 just a block from our house.  It came with a few pieces of furniture, too.

It's cute, but I really wanted to modernize the look by changing the walls and floors.  I made tag board forms that "snap" into the two back walls.  I can cover them with different papers or fabrics to change the look whenever I want.

 I really wanted to put lights inside, and was lucky to come across these little holiday lights at Ikea. 

The power switch is on the "bottom" of the light, so I used adhesive Velcro to be able to easily take the lights off the ceilings of the dollhouse.  

The Mister scored a big box of architectural samples from his work, when the firm moved offices and had to clean out their "sample library".  (I'd love a tour of that room someday!)  There were stick-on wood grain panels, cork floor tiles, recycled rubber tiles, and wallpapers to sort through.

I loved the look of this cork flooring, and it lies nicely without having to attach it, so it can be changed out easily.   

I also used a lot of FLOR carpet scraps leftover from our basement.  The wallpaper in the next picture comes from an Orla Kiely stationary set I found on clearance at Marshalls.

Store-bought dollhouse furniture can be expensive, so I'm looking for ways to make some things myself.  I got these wood blocks at Jo-Ann's and decoupaged washer and dryer pictures I found by doing a Google image search.  

I had so many more ideas, but had a cold and lots of fatigue right before Christmas, so I didn't get to make more things right away.  But we had some of the original furniture, plus some Calico Critter families, and other new furniture from Grandma already, so it was definitely enough to get started.  

Christmas morning, Punky got to unwrap her dollhouse.

She immediately began playing and exploring.

At the last minute, I had done a little more work on the lights, wrapping them in origami paper for a shade.

This mouse isn't sure why a giant cat is outside his kitchen.

Here's a cozy, yet well-lit, living room scene.

Both kids enjoy playing with the dollhouse.  They are really starting to enjoy make-believe and having little "dramas" happen.  Punky's dolls always cry and call for their mamas, while Boo's dolls like to slide off the roof or fly around the room.  So typical.

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  1. Love this! I'm renovating 2 dollshouses in time for my daughters 2nd birthday. Hubby has a country estate type bungalow and I have what we call the 'city pad' it's a race as to who can finish first!