Sunday, February 3, 2013

How I finished up the Apartment Therapy January Cure

Here is Part 2 of my month following Apartment Therapy's January Home Cure.  Click here for Part 1.
I suspected I'd start the month off with a lot of motivation then let things slide later, and I was right!  That's okay, though.  I knew going into this that life might get in the way of completing every task and I should be happy to get a little organizing done. 

Day 12: Declutter Books and Media

Seriously?  Only one day for the biggest task of all?  
Most of our "media" resides in the living room, but we also have bookshelves in each of the kids' rooms, and our entire movie collection in the basement.  Not to mention the barely-used CD collection hidden behind the cupboard doors underneath the TV.  I mainly focused on the living room shelving.  I arranged things neatly, dusting as I went.  It wasn't a huge change, but everything looked better.  

This would've been a great time to go through and re-read my precious Cookie and Domino (both out of print) magazines.  I'm not entirely happy with the cardboard boxes, but they were cheap at Ikea.

Here's my entire record collection.  Once in awhile I dust them off and rotate the one in front.  My record player is currently broken, but I'm hoping to get it repaired soon.

Day 13: Weekend Chores: Flowers and Bedroom

I had already done some work on the bedrooms, so I used this time to organize the bins in Boo's closet.  Most of these are actually Punky's clothes.  Yep, I buy the kids' clothes and shoes ahead of time when I come across good sales or get hand-me-downs from friends.  And then I go crazy with the label-maker.

Day 14: Get Papers and Files in Order
This didn't exactly happen, but I did pull together all the receipts and statements The Mister will need for doing our taxes this year.  He's such a nice guy, doing the taxes all by himself!

Day 15: Exercise a Little Cord Control

We already had the little cord clips, so this was a quick job.  

I have these cheap little desks from Ikea and didn't even realize when I bought them that they have cord storage behind the drawers.  Genius.  I have a whole power strip tucked in there.

Day 16: Give Your Bathroom and Medicine Cabinets a Clean-Out
I had thrown a bunch of stuff away already so there wasn't much to do, but I threw all our towels in the wash with vinegar and then again with baking soda to freshen them up.  It worked well.

Day 17: Looking at Living Room Lighting
I'm happy with most of our living room lighting, but I picked up this lamp earlier in the month at IKEA to give a little more workspace light at my desk.  It's probably not ideal for task lighting.  

Day 18: Weekend Chores: Flowers, Living Room, Empty your Outbox
The living room was pretty much cleaned up at this point, so I skipped over that.  I did empty most of my outbox.  I took a large carload to Arc's Value Village, gave away a few things, and filled a bag of old electronics that will be recycled at Best Buy when I get over there.  

Day 19: Catch Up and Take a Photo
I probably spent some time catching up, but didn't take a photo this day.

Day 20: Hang Your Artwork

We hung up our family picture and some melted crayon art the kids and I did.

I also changed out a picture for this cool beer category poster that is actually a page ripped from the Crate and Barrel holiday catalog   

Day 21: Speedy Spruce and Surface Clean

At this point, I'm surface cleaning every day.  Three of us have the sniffles (one with a fever), so I've been wiping down doorknobs, light switches, faucets, remotes, phones, and the iPad every evening.  

Day 22: Shop for the Get-Together Goodies
Day 23: Weekend Chores: Pat Yourself on the Back, Relax, and Celebrate

I didn't shop for goodies because I'm not planning a get-together to celebrate my clean house.  But I did have people over two times last week, both without a lot of warning.  It was nice not having a lot to put away beforehand because my house was already decent-looking.  

One place I'm not ready to show off yet is our basement.  The utility room, laundry room, and family room are all a disaster, but we're going to tackle that this week.  

This was a fun little exercise to kick off the New Year.  I didn't take it too seriously, but I spent more time than usual on organizing our space and I think it paid off.  

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