Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Morning Roundup 2.18.13

Happy Monday, Everyone!

My big weekend project consisted of making Angry Birds cupcakes for The Mister's birthday, using only allergy-friendly ingredients.  In my mind, they were a complete flop.  Cutting marshmallows into beak shapes, then "painting" them with food coloring?  Never again.  But the kids thought they were EPIC, and loved every part of the hours-long decorating process.  It was a good experience.  

This week, Boo is moving into the Pre-K program at his preschool.  There are going to be lots of big changes, but he's most excited about getting to bring a bag lunch.  While I prefer the idea of reusable sandwich and snack bags, I can't resist making a few Illustrated Ziplocks.

From McSweeney's, a few Presidents Day Greeting Card Messages.

Did Valentine's Day have you seeing Hearts everywhere?

Losing My Religion transposed into a major scale.  It's the same song.  But not.

Has anyone watched House of Cards on Netflix yet?  And, did you watch all 13 episodes in one sitting?  (We probably would have, before we had kids!) I found this New York Times story on Binge-Viewing interesting.

Those are my favorite links for this week.  I have a couple more posts up my sleeve, including instructions for making the awesome present I gave The Mister, so keep an eye out.

Have a good week!

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