Monday, February 18, 2013

The Bro-quet: A Tutorial

Here's how I made an awesome birthday present for The Mister.  
You can call it a "bro"quet, or a man-bouquet, or whatever you want.

Over a few weeks I collected the items I wanted to include:

The Lego set, Geek Dad book, and tickets to the Low/Trampled by Turtles concert were the first things I planned to get.  The rest of the things were chosen because either they were cheap fillers (like candy) or good for the balance of the entire basket (like the Coke bottles I had to run out to get at the last minute).

For the presentation, I got a blue plastic tub, florist foam, and shredded paper from the $1 store.

The bottle of vodka absolutely had to go in the middle because it was the heaviest, tallest item.

I cut a hole in the foam, then used the extra pieces to pad the sides and back.

Since the vodka bottle was already making the entire thing tip backward, I cut out a place in the front for the next-heaviest item, the super-healthy orange cheese dip.  

Now I felt like there was enough of a base.

I filled in the shredded paper to hide the green foam.

I had planned to use the Coke bottles on the sides, but there was no way to get them to stay upright, and I didn't want them covering up the Lego set and book.  I had bought this tie, thinking it could go around the front of the tub, tied in a bow, but instead I ended up using it to stabilize the Coke bottles with the vodka bottle.  I have no idea how to tie a tie, by the way.  I watched a video, and I'm pretty sure I still messed it up!

The bags of pistachios and wasabi peas were similar in size and weight, so I packed them into the opposite sides.

The dried seaweed snack and smaller candy box were propped up with skewers and masking tape in the back.   I also had to stick some skewers behind the book and Lego box for support.

Then I stuck the concert tickets where they could be seen easily.  

I think the final effect was perfect.  Everything was packed in well and I wasn't afraid of it tipping over, even when I had to move it to its hiding place in the basement, then back upstairs the next morning.  There's no real theme to the stuff that went in, except that it's all stuff The Mister likes.  He was pretty happy  about the variety...something to wear, something to read, a Lego tower to build, junk food.

I nailed it!

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