Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Morning Roundup 3.4.13

Happy Monday, friends!

As I write this, I'm looking out the window at a very fine, quickly-falling snow.  This has to the last snowstorm of the season, right?  I've been buying fresh flowers every week since the beginning of the year so I could always have something uplifting to look at.  Unfortunately, I can never figure out how short to cut them, which flowers go together, what kind of vase to use, or how to arrange them.

I have only four links today, but they're really good ones.

The Science of the Perfect Nap.  I've been doing it all wrong.

Fascinating.  Where Craigslist 'Missed Connections' Happen, by State

Are you a label reader?  How to Read a Label  from Dinner, A Love Story (a wonderful, foodie family blog)  has some good practical information on processed foods.

Can we have more visual aids, please?  This Shelf Life of Food chart is so helpful.  There were some surprises for me, and I should probably go clean out the freezer today.

I wish you all a Happy Monday!

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