Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend and the Laundry Basket of Doom

I have what I think is a pretty good method of uncluttering the house.  I go around scooping up everything I find out of place into a big receptacle, do some vacuuming and dusting, then put everything back in it's place again. 

I did this a few days ago when the clutter in our house got out of control.  Unfortunately, it was Memorial Day Weekend, and we were enjoying being lazy at home for four days in a row.  So I kept thinking I had more time to organize the contents of this laundry basket including bills, other important mail, toys, car keys, craft supplies, receipts, coupons, to do lists, grocery lists, and kids art I have to go through.

But I ran out of time and it's Tuesday morning already, and not only do I need some of the contents of this basket, I need the actual basket because I also let laundry pile up for four days.

I really wish I could shove this basket into a closet like we do when company's coming.

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