Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Roundup 5.13.13

Happy Monday, Friends!

This is my Mother's Day present from The Mister and the kids.  My old car radio broke last week.  Broke, as in, kept scanning through all the stations, occasionally pausing at country or celtic music, neither of which is my chosen driving entertainment.  Not only do I get to listen to the radio again, but I can even plug in my iPhone and get my Pandora stations in the car.  I realize this might be standard for a lot of people, but for someone driving around a 13 year-old car, it's almost magical.

In honor of Mother's Day:  I loved reading this story, but even more, I loved looking at the accompanying picture, because every parent has been there.

Do you ever get Compliments from Random Women?  I have, and it's an incredible boost in self-confidence.  And this reminds me that I should probably give out more compliments, especially when I see someone with a haircut or outfit that I admire or wish I could pull off.

Whoa.  These are strange times we live in, because you can get Custom Fisher Price Records with 3-D Printing.  I can think of no practical application for this except for being AWESOME.

Look at this cool stop motion animation about The History of Typography.

Those are my links for today.  This happens to be Food Allergy Awareness Week, so I'm working on posting a few links and updating some of the information on my blog this week.  Stay tuned!

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