Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leftover Frittata (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #24

We had a lot of uneaten veggies leftover after Boo's birthday party, and I was afraid they'd go to waste, so I made them into a frittata.  This is really easy, and there's no recipe needed.  

Rainbow-y Fruits and Veggies (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #23

The day of Boo's birthday party, I set up some colorful fruit and veggie trays in hopes that all the little kids would find them attractive and eat tons of healthy stuff.  

Cut The Rope Birthday Cake (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #22

Boo has been talking non-stop about a Cut The Rope-themed birthday cake for at least six months.  I enjoy decorating cakes, even if it's extremely time-consuming, so I gave it a try.  I didn't get pictures of every step because I was working so hard to get the darned thing done in time.  

Marshmallow Fondant (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #21

Pool Noodle Bar Bumper (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #20

Fire Starters for Camping (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #19: This has got to be the most boring "creative project" I've ever done, but it will be useful later, and it's made entirely from stuff I'd normally throw away.

Garfield Lasagna for Punky (30 Days of Creativity)

I'm finally getting around to updating for an entire week's worth of my 30 Days of Creativity challenge.    I had a birthday party to plan, and we had a power outage over the weekend that threw a major wrench in things.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Beanbag Toss Game (30 Days of Creativity)

 Day #17 is a fun one that the whole family helped with.

DIY Gift Bag (30 Days of Creativity)

We have had a ton of kids birthday parties to go to lately.  I usually only have Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags on hand.  One thing I've been doing is embellishing plain bags with foil stars. 

It's not much, but I'm calling it my Day #16.

Hosta Border (30 Days of Creativity)

Day  #15: I don't know if gardening and yard work counts as creativity.  Unless you have no idea what you're doing and you're figuring out how to plant hostas for the first time.  

Cut The Rope Party Favors ( 30 Days of Creativity)

Day #14: I'm prepping for Boo's birthday party next weekend.  He insisted on a Cut The Rope theme even though I begged him to go with Angry Birds.  Angry Birds party supplies are readily available.  Cut The Rope plates, napkins, hats, etc. just don't exist.

Angry Birds Star Wars Coloring Page (30 Days of Creativity)

Boo asked me to draw him a picture of Angry Birds Star Wars characters to color.  So for Day #13 I copied a picture.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Put An Owl On It (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #12.  I'm crazy about these cheap plastic planters at Target.  I bought this one for a bigger fern that I wanted to hang up, after doing my other macrame plant hangers.  

That's No Moon (30 Days of Creativity)

I make so many things for Punky to wear, that I really wanted to give something special to Boo.  So for Day #11, I made a Death Star stenciled tee shirt.  

Gluten-Free, Peanut-Free Cookies (30 Days of Creativity)

My Day #10 project isn't exactly new, but I tweaked a recipe I've used before.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Minnie Mouse Pillowcase (30 Days of Creativity)

Here's my Day #9 project, a pillowcase I made for Punky out of a clearance remnant of Minnie Mouse fabric.  She really loves Minnie Mouse, so I knew she'd love having this.  

Sharpie Plates (30 Days of Creativity)

For Day #8 I drew on dollar store plates with Sharpie markers, a project I've seen on Pinterest and wanted to do for a long time.  

Greens and Quinoa Salad (30 Days of Creativity)

My act of creativity for Day #7 was making this semi-healthy salad.

Soup Cans for the Dollhouse (30 Days of Creativity)

For Day # 6, I made little cans of soup to put in the dollhouse kitchen.

Duplo Banana Stand (30 Days of Creativity)

For Day #5, I made what any Arrested Development fan would make, if they happened to have a Duplo cash register and bananas.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Non-Tangling, Wrapped Earbuds (30 Days of Creativity)

For Day #4 (even though today is technically Day #8) I wrapped my earbuds in candy-colored embroidery floss.  This is an idea I stole straight off Pinterest.  I love the way it looks, but it was difficult to manage twisting threads and wires as I wrapped.  

Funny story: I can't use the little foam pads that go over the earpieces because I have a Siamese cat who pries them off during the night and eats them.  His other favorite snacks are canned pumpkin, shower curtains, and the plastic packaging on paper towels.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Miniature Jars for a Dollhouse (30 Days of Creativity)

For Day #3, I made these tiny lidded jars for Punky's dollhouse.  

Since I've started furnishing our dollhouse, I've been surprised to learn what people use to make miniatures.  You would think it takes a lot of special tools and supplies, but in a lot of cases, you can make things from stuff you already have...

Screen Door Patch (30 Days of Creativity)

For my Day #2 project, I made a patch for our patio screen door.  I don't know how the hole started, but I do know it has gotten bigger with the kids shoving fingers, Legos, and Angry Bird toys into it.  

Easy Macrame Plant Holder and Ninja Laser Fun (30 Days of Creativity)

The other day I came to the earth-shattering realization that this is the month of June, otherwise known as 30 Days of Creativity.  This is the third year I'm participating, and it's something I generally look forward to, so I don't know how I missed the start date, but I did.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Morning Roundup 6.3.13

Good morning, friends!

I'm in shock that Boo's year of preschool just ended.  Poof!  There didn't even seem to be much lead-up to it.  One day we were still in the routine of going, and suddenly we were cleaning out his locker and handing gifts to the teachers.  So it's apparently summer now, and I have two kids to entertain at home for the next three months.

I need a little more direction in planning some activities for my kids.  From Apartment Therapy: Tips for Making Your Family's Summer Bucket List

A nice take on finding your priorities in all this free time: Minimalist Parenting During the Summer

Another quick guide for parents: Practical Ideas for a Summer of Learning

I'm not sure a big baseball game is going to be in our summer plans, but this is a goldmine for those who are ready.  Guide to Taking Your Kids to a Major League Baseball Game with specific tips broken down by city!

Don't forget to entertain yourself.  A Summer Reading Guide from Modern Mrs. Darcy (you have to sign up for an email, and then you get the link to the guide, which is really pretty good.)