Monday, June 17, 2013

Beanbag Toss Game (30 Days of Creativity)

 Day #17 is a fun one that the whole family helped with.

I sewed beanbags from some fabric scraps I had saved.

Punky liked pouring the beans into the funnel.

I sewed up the open ends.  I hope they'll be strong enough.

The Mister cut holes in a piece of plywood.

We propped it up and it became a beanbag target.

Boo is pretty good at getting a high score of 39.

He says the bottom, and biggest, hole is worth 13 points.  The other holes are worth 4 and 5 points.  The papers taped to the target show the number of points for each hole.  Good thinking, Boo.  

We were so excited to play, we forgot to finish dressing Punky.  But now we are ready for some summertime fun!

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