Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Garfield Lasagna for Punky (30 Days of Creativity)

I'm finally getting around to updating for an entire week's worth of my 30 Days of Creativity challenge.    I had a birthday party to plan, and we had a power outage over the weekend that threw a major wrench in things.

For Day #18, I made lasagna for Punky.  Not just any lasagna, but Garfield's lasagna.

I admit, I let my kids watch a lot of noneducational TV lover the winter.  They'd pick crazy shows they'd see on the Netflix menu, and if I was trying to get things done, I'd let them watch them.  That's how they discovered Garfield.

For the life of me, I don't know what I ever saw in Garfield, but that big orange cat was a slight obsession of mine as a kid.  I didn't have suction-cup plush Garfield to stick in the back window of the family car, but I had that poster, "My Room, My Mess, My Business."  The Mister had it too.

After the kids watched a few episodes, lasagna was a new, fun word to say, even though Boo and Punky didn't know what it was.  I don't eat meat and I'm off gluten, at least temporarily.  Punky doesn't eat dairy, and we've been slow to introduce tomato-based foods to her diet.  Boo doesn't care for any dish that has several things mixed together.  It's never really made sense for me to make lasagna for our family.  But with the kids talking about it day and night, I decided to experiment.

We had a few lasagna noodles sitting in the cupboard, a pound of grass-fed ground beef in the freezer, and a jar of organic marinara sauce that seemed to pose few risks for Punky's intolerances.

It seems like a lot of ingredients, although I'm pretty sure she's had traces of them all at some point.  And look at that allergy statement about shared equipment.  Yikes.  

I layered the noodles, beef, and sauce like any normal lasagna and baked at 350ish for about a half hour.  The ingredients were already fully cooked, so this was just to meld them together a little more.  

Boo wouldn't touch it, as I predicted.  Punky ate a small serving and was delighted that it tasted "like ketchup."  She seemed to feel fine afterward, so it looks like we'll be experimenting with jarred marinara sauce again.  The Mister had to eat an extra large serving so it wouldn't go to waste.  And the leftovers had to be tossed after our 13-hour power outage.  Maybe they would've been fine, but we weren't taking chances.

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