Friday, June 28, 2013

Headband Kerchief (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #26

Punky likes to wear things on her head.  Her accessories include a sunhat, bunny ears, paper party hats, a kitchen towel, and a pair of polka dot pajama shorts.  I told her I'd make her a scarf to wear on her head that had elastic in it, like a headband.  Naturally, she was thrilled and immediately chose a fabric from my stash.  

There are a lot of tutorials to be found for this easy sewing project.  I used this one.

Check out how crisp the fabric looks when you do the all-important step of ironing every time you make a fold.  I usually skip this, but it does make a difference.  

Punky was so happy to wear this, and she can almost get it on by herself.  When we went out to run errands later, a few people complimented her on it, and couldn't believe it was homemade.  I think I will make a few more.

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