Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pool Noodle Bar Bumper (30 Days of Creativity)

Day #20

As we were planning for Boo's birthday bash, we kept an eye on the weather reports, which led us to believe we were in for a day of thunderstorms.  This worried us, because we had 27 people (including 13 children) coming and we'd all be stuck inside our little house.  

Our basement family room needed to be completely child-proofed to accommodate everyone.  It pretty much is already, except for the sharp edges of the bar, which are at head-level for most five year-olds.  

My solution was to line the bar with pool noodles from the Dollar Store.  

I had no idea if this was actually going to work, but they ended up being the perfect size and shape to "clamp" on the edge when sliced open.

I couldn't get the corners to come out quite right, but it still worked.

It's not the most attractive addition to the room, but saving our young guests from a possible brain injury is worth a little ugliness.  

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