Friday, June 7, 2013

Screen Door Patch (30 Days of Creativity)

For my Day #2 project, I made a patch for our patio screen door.  I don't know how the hole started, but I do know it has gotten bigger with the kids shoving fingers, Legos, and Angry Bird toys into it.  

I don't know if there is a correct way to patch a screen door, and this most likely isn't it.  But I figured the patch was going to be obvious no matter what, so I might as well use something cute.

I cut out a Scandinavian-looking flower from a fabric scrap and used yellow embroidery floss to sew it to the screen.

It's cute, right?  We have yet to see how it holds up when the kids start to mess with it.  


  1. We have the same toddler communication portal in our screen door!!!and it has been there for years we had a storm that blew our porch furnature into the screen, and the toddler use it to pass things to each other. I love this idea...My husband will hate it, but thats what he gets for waiting to fix it for years!!

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