Monday, July 1, 2013

Scarf, Skirt, and Necklace (30 Days of Creativity)

Here are my final three projects for my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.  

First, I made a scarf for Punky out of some fabric I had leftover from an old t-shirt dress.  She was really excited about it until it was finished and I put it on her and it was somehow not what she expected.  I'd wear it myself, except it's too short and thin for an adult.  Oh well.  That was Day 28.

My weekend got hijacked by other people's plans and wants and needs so I was unable to get going on anything else until last night.  After the kids were in bed I went down to my basement crafting area, put an old movie with a good soundtrack, and sewed like the wind.

I've been crazy about this IKEA fabric, so I finally broke down and bought a yard to play around with.  I was thinking a skirt might look cool with this pattern, and even though I've never sewn a skirt before, I went for it.  I used another skirt I have as a pattern and cut it bigger to allow for seams and gathering of the elastic waist.

I didn't quite finish it.  I put it on to check the fit before I hemmed it, which is why the selvedge is still showing.  I decided that this fabric just isn't the right weight for a skirt after all.  It's a better weight for a throw pillow, actually, and that's probably what it's going to become in the future.  Darn.  At least I got a little practice making a basic skirt, and with the right fabric I'm sure it would work better.  

And for my final project, I made this gigantic cloth-covered bead necklace like I've been seeing everywhere.  I'm considering this a practice project as well, because there were a few things I would do differently to make it look better.  But I'm on the right track with this one and hope to make some better ones in the future.  

That's project #30, coming in under the wire a few minutes before midnight.  Yes!

I love doing 30 Day challenges, especially ones that force me to make time for things I enjoy.  And while I'm probably doing something creative every day anyway, like deciding what to make for dinner, it's usually not something deliberate or special.

My favorite projects this month were the wrapped earbuds, which I use every night and still haven't tangled, and the macrame plant holders.  My least favorite was the decorated plates because most of the ink washed off in the dishwasher, even after "curing" in the oven.  Still, I have a lot of satisfaction in being able to check it off my list of things to try.  

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