Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Round-Up 4.21.14

Happy Monday, Friends!  Can we safely call it Spring yet?  

I came down with a cold over the weekend and spent my Easter Sunday napping and watching TV.  My family surprised me by getting some flowers for our patio planter boxes.  I'm a little nervous that it was too early to plant them, but we'll see.  It's so nice to look outside and see some color again.  

If you only have time to click one link today, please, please, please look at this.  Piip-Show: A squirrel walks into a bar...  The site is in Norwegian, but the cuteness translates.

Craigslist Mirrors.  Yep.  

And some people get a thrill from pictures of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Things.

Finally, just look at this blogger's cute hair!  I'm completely inspired by her reasons for doing it.

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