Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Round-Up 5.19.14

Happy Monday, People.  It's raining today in Minneapolis, so it's a sucky way to wake up after the most stellar weekend weather we've had in a long time

Ah-hmm.  I'm going to brag about something for a minute.  I went to my favorite thrift store, Arc's Value Village (Richfield), last week.  They have this awesome personal shopper service there, which sounds weird for a thrift store but actually makes a lot of sense for bargain hunters who don't want to go digging.  It hadn't been a super day in terms of donated goods, so my personal shopper was apologetic about not having a lot for me to choose from.  She did have this cute DKNY animal print sweater, something I never would have chosen for myself, but I fell in love with.  You can't see it well in this picture, but I also got a fun green chunky bead necklace.  

Now forget all that.  Let me turn your attention to the shoes.  

When I walked into my reserved dressing room, they were sitting on the bench waiting for me.  I zoomed right in on the imprint on the buckles and saw that they are Tory Burch.  Interesting.  I'm not someone who needs to have bling-y status shoes, although I'm certainly not opposed to them if they are comfortable and the price is right.

They hadn't been tagged yet, so I put them aside in my "maybe" pile while I tried on clothes.

When I was finishing up in the dressing room, my personal shopper ran in back to talk to the pricing person.  When she came back, she shouted through the door, "I think your mind's going to be made up about these shoes!  They're $3.99."


So, if you aren't hitting the thrift stores yet, WHY NOT?  Yes, you have to put in a little time, and many times you come up empty-handed.  But the more you go, the more you increase your chance of finding a completely amazing treasure.

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Have a great week!

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