Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Morning Round-up 9.22.14

Happy Monday, people.  

When searching for a fun photo for my usual link round-up, I found this weird one of my kids at Franconia Sculpture Park this weekend.  Taken out of context, it's so bizarre it makes me laugh.  If these two ever form a prog-rock band in the future, I will insist that this be their first album cover.  

Here are some links:

Rush hour in the Netherlands This could be us someday, right?

It's Like They Know Us Funniest Tumblr I've laid eyes on in awhile.

When's The Last Time You Ate at McDonalds?  This is the weirdest post, written by a respected blogger, and sponsored by McDonald's.  See what you think.

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How School Was because they won't tell you ANYTHING!

The Sentimentalist's Guide to Dealing with Childrens' School Papers (although I think the school could save a forest and just send everything electronically)

That's it.  Have a great day!

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